lynn’s house

I’m Lynn a.k.a. @chordbug! I’m a programmer and musician from Antwerp, Belgium. I’m trans, and my pronoun is she.

I like math, linguistics, conlangs, old sound chips, interactive fiction, retro computers, typography, and cute anime art. Sometimes I dabble in drawing, writing, or gamedev.

As a programmer, I like to daydream about accessibility, localization, Unicode, type systems, monads, UX design, and the <ruby> (yeah!) tag. At times, I get really into code golf. My nicer code is on GitHub.

I have a SoundCloud, but more of my musical output exists as sketches posted to Twitter.

I made a musical instrument for your phone browser called the autokalimba, which you can play or read about.

I also made koakuma, a Discord trivia bot that has you guess the common tag shared by 9 random pieces of anime-style artwork. Come play!

If you like what I do, you can buy me a coffee.

Thanks for stopping by.