Wind’s Seed English patch

Wind’s Seed is a short JRPG for the PC-9801, released in 1995 by Compile (of Puyo Puyo fame). I translated it into English.

Screenshot of the game

Installing Wind’s Seed to a floppy disk image

  1. First, obtain Compile’s Disc Station Vol. 07 from… somewhere.

  2. Create a new floppy disk image and call it ws.hdm. If you’re using Neko Project, you can use “New disk” in the “Emulate” menu. Make sure to select 1.25MB raw image file (*.hdm) as the file type.

    Creating a new floppy disk image in Neko Project

  3. Load Disc Station Vol. 07 (Disk 1).hdm in FDD1 and the blank ws.hdm in FDD2, and then reboot.

  4. You should see the Disc Station launcher. Press Enter, then the down arrow key to highlight the Wind’s Seed installer:

    Selecting the Wind's Seed installer

  5. Press Enter to launch it. Move the cursor down to インストールの実行 and press Enter twice to install.

  6. Now your ws.hdm file contains Wind’s Seed in Japanese! Press Escape. If you eject FDD1 and reboot, the game should launch.

Patching the game

Download the patch here and apply it using xdelta.

Your ws.hdm has different file creation dates than the one I made the patch from, so you’ll get a checksum mismatch error if you try to apply the patch with something like xdeltaUI.

You’ll have to run the xdelta command line application with the -n flag to ignore the checksum:

xdelta -n -d -s ws.hdm winds-seed-english.xdelta ws-en.hdm

Now you can load ws-en.hdm to play the game in English. Have fun!


I also translated the game’s manual (it was published as part of a magazine).


I, lynn, did all the romhacking and translating. The code is here, and some notes about the process are here. I couldn’t have done it without the help of some other wonderful folks:

Another screenshot of the game